ENMT is a platform to bring about fresh and newly perceived music to new generation of public and professionals.


The ensemble is made of a core of principal members, main musicians, and a larger body of collaborators or guest artists.

Since the establishing in 2012, Ensemble for New Music Tallinn has proven to be faithful to its promise of bringing about fresh and unexperienced music to the new and eager audience.

We could claim to be enriching a new approach or culture of listening to music, by introducing our carefully selected programs, and successfully befriending the audience with the current and valid contemporary music. The main focus of ensemble is on promoting new music at its best and suggesting an alternative path for musicians, composers and public through introducing a substitute for domination of mainstream music industry and/or institutions and orchestras in general.  In this regard, ENMT is proud to provide unique and daring experiences for its audience, by presenting different and less discovered aspects of new music to Estonian and worldwide public.

One of ongoing ensemble projects is to have collaborations with soloists of less common instruments, especially


those that could fit with ENMT’s aesthetics and intonation. By giving commissions to composers for writing for those specific instruments and presenting the pieces and instruments to the public, we aim to introduce new means of repertoire, sounding, intonation and possibilities to contemporary music scene.


ENMT has so far had performances in and collaborations with among others MIXTUR Festival Barcelona, reMusik.org Festival and concert series, Fylkingen Stockholm, Autumn Fest, Varskeheli/Fresh Sound festival, Animated Dreams Festival, PÖFF Black Nights Film Festival, Inner Sound New Arts Festival Bucharest, Tallinn Music Week, Resonanta Paris, FUGA architecture museum Budapest, AFEKT festival, Estonian Music Days.

In our 2017 season we have several programs and tours including a tour of “Grisey’s 80th “ featuring several works by Grisey and other pieces dedicated to him, our returning Multi Media program featuring works by Simon Steen-Andersen, Stefan Prints, and Alexander Schubert. 2017 also marks the beginning of ENM’s three day festival of microtonal music in Berlin, that include several performances at AckerStadt Palast and a symposium at UdK featuring works by Horatiu Radulescu, Alvin Lucier and James Tenney alongside a wide array of commissioned pieces.

Alongside commissioning new pieces to Estonian and international promising composers, ENMT has been responsible for Estonian premiers of several  milestone  works  by  Georg  Friedrich  Haas,  James  Tenney,  Michael Maierhof, Alvin Lucier, Alexander Schubert among others. We are proud to have been responsible for commissioning and world premier performances by composers including: Klaus Lang, Helena Tulve, Toivo Tulev, Dror Feiler, Marc Sabat, Brice Catherin and many others.