The music of Dsilton consists of energetic arrangements in microtonal tunings with modulating rhythms. At Dsiltons current program, the cycles of Georg Vogel & David Dorning are interlocked.

Concerning the techniques of composition and the frames for improvisation, all pieces share together complex grooves and the extended tonality of 31-tone tuning. The repertoire shows a range from enharmonically entangled improvisation forms and 31-tone serial compositions to arrangements of processed field recordings.

This enharmonic microtonal journey is played on special instruments: newly built 31-tone keyboards called Claviton, a drumset and a new eight-string electric guitar with 31 frets per octave.

Georg Vogel: 31-Tone Clavitones
David Dornig: 31-Tone Guitar
Valentin Duit: Drumset