Sound Plasma Berlin 2021

Detailed program

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Sound Plasma 2021 is inspired by intonation in the music of Alois Hába and Harry Partch. The 5th edition of the festival experiments with new ideas of intonation. Festival’s highlight include showcasing the special harmoniums of Alois Hába and Harry Partch  in their particular tuning. The world Premier of pieces for Hába’s harmonium and ensemble, by Georg Friedrich Haas, Klaus Lang, Marc Sabat and many others are the other important features of Sound Plasma 2021.

A presentation and workshop of Alois Hába harmonium will take place for students of UdK, by Miroslav Beinhauer and Marc Sabat.

Public events of Sound Plasma Berlin are on 26th of November, in Musikbrauerei, with performances by:

Ensemble Scordatura

Ensemble for New Music Tallinn