Sound Plasma Berlin

Sound Plasma Berlin

19-21 October 2018

Sound Plasma is a mini festival dedicated to microtonal music, in broadest definition of the term. A series of performances from 19th to 21st of October, at 18:30 and 20:30 in Acker Stadt Palast. Featuring several world and German premiers of works of alternative intonation.

With many avid fans extending beyond contemporary or classical music community, many composers employ various aspects of microtonality/micro-intervals on their works to some degrees, either as means of expression, or as the very fabric of their music.  Meanwhile, the more experimental and liberal microtonal music often has little place on the usual repertoire of contemporary music institutions or festivals. Sound Plasma is hoping to fill the gap by presenting a festival fully dedicated and devoted to repertoire of microtonal contemporary music.

Following the successful launch of Sound Plasma festival for microtonal music, there is a growing demand and anticipation for the second edition.

The Sound Plasma project gives occasion to present less known, yet important and powerful, works of microtonal music. Works by composers such as Horatiu Radulescu, Alberto Posadas, James Tenney, Georg Friedrich Haas, Alvin Lucier, Wieland Hoban, Gerard Pape, Chiyoko Szlavnics, Arash Yazdani, among others, will be performed during the festival.

The investigation of various aspects of microtonal music requires specific skills and experience; which are the main part of performing groups/musicians’ agenda. A total number of 6 concerts are scheduled to take place on the 2018 festival; The Spanish virtouso quartet, Sigma Project will have its German debut on the festival. Larger ensemble performances by Ensemble for New Music Tallinn alongside by smaller setups by festival’s ensemble-in-residence. Other performers include Erik Drescher, Vincent Royer, Samuel Ekkehardt Dunscombe, Rebecca Lane and Johnny Chang.