Liisa Hõbepappel

liisa-hobepappelLiisa Hõbepappel is a freelance writer and composer. He uses sound language to feel, describe and interpret social, cultural and philosophical phenomena. Her music is characterised by bright colors and mosaics.
Hõbepappel deals with small details in her works, which form an interwoven network of meanings. Her work has been compared to detailed graphics.
In 2021, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in composition at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater (supervisor Prof. Toivo Tulev). In addition, she has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and communication at the University of Tartu, and she graduated from the Heino Eller Music School of Tartu, majoring in composition (supervisors Katrin Aller and Alo Põldmäe).

Hõbepappel has been dealing with making sense of music in words. Her journalistic texts have appeared in the cultural newspaper Sirp, and she has also contributed to Klassikaradio.

Hõbepappel’s piece “Sina, armas, oled manner” (“You Are a Continent, My Dear”) was the opening piece of the 2021 music festival Tallinn Music Week, performed by the ensemble Trio 95′. According to music journalist John Robb, the sound world of this work is unique and hypnotic: “It feels as if this music could collapse at any moment, but yet its structure is solid. The lack of dynamism of this story tells the story of our present time, as it were.”

Hõbepappel has often used historical textual material in her work, thus creating unpredictable connections with past and present thoughts. For example, the work “L’avons Nous Perdue?” is based on a letter written in verse form by the 16th century French poet Marguerite de Navarre to talk about the problems of the natural environment. Worried about how future generations won’t understand us if we can’t protect nature today.

One of Hõbepappel’s important presentations is the work “Inferno” presented by the Italian contemporary music ensemble L’Arsenale at the 2017 Estonian Music Days. In it, Hõbepappel depicted passages from Dante’s literary work of the same name using the dark side of the Renaissance era. In 2020, Hõbepappel was awarded a creative scholarship named after Artur Lemba.

Hõbepappel’s works have been performed by, among others, the Estonian National Male Choir, the Ellerhein girls’ choir, the Estonian National Opera Young Men’s Choir, the Prezioso string quartet, pianist Sten Heinoja, organist Kadri Toomoja, mezzo-soprano Iris Oja and others.