Sound Plasma Berlin

The term “sound-plasma” first was coined by music critics, however was later adopted and used by late Romanian-French composer Horatiu Radulescu; both as a mean to describe his musical thinking and as a title for his famous book/performance “Sound Plasma: Music of the Future Sign”.

The project features 6 concerts of ensemble, chamber and solo works, accompanying with a symposium of same title “Sound Plasma”.

Each concert contains a composition by Radulescu himself, at the heart of the program. In addition, internationally acclaimed and renowned composers of microtonal music will be commissioned to compose new pieces for this project. The new compositions are not asked to be about Radulescu music or using his material, but to be the personal reflection, contemplation and artistic view of the composers themselves on the idea of Sound Plasma. The new pieces will be applying, roughly, the same instrumentation as that of Horatiu Radulescu.

The composers who wrote new pieces on the theme of Sound Plasma are: Klaus Lang, Dror Feiler, Ernstalbrecht Stiebler, Arash Yazdani, William Dougherty, Asia Ahmetjanova and Marc Sabat.

The symposium takes place on 19th and 20th of October, at UdK (Universität der Kunste) Berlin. With key speakers Vincent Royer and William Dougherty. Alongside other talks by Klaus Lang, Dror Feiler, Catherine Lamb, Marc Sabat, Juho Laitinen, Samuel Ekkehardt Dunscombe as well as workshop sessions with musicians of ENMT and Vincent Royer.

First day of seminars will be limited to presentations and talks on subjects of microtonality and idea of Sound Plasma. The second day continues with further presentations on Sound Plasma and works of Radulescu and other featured composers, as well as a two-part workshop session with ENMT musicians and Vincent Royer.

The highlight of the workshops will be a joint reading/rehearsal of performance score of Sound Plasma (my D high opus infinity) on its first ever performance, by Vincent Royer and musicians of ENMT. Mr. Royer will give an individual lecture and workshops on techniques of microtonal string music and works of Raduelscu which he’s premiered.

Below are the program for concerts and seminars on two separate tables. Please note the programing might be subject to change due to circumstances.



Attendance to symposium is free and open to public